Cross The Vietnam-China Border With Vietnam Best Trekking Tour

You will be surprised by the things you can discover on foot, and the Vietnam - China border being one of them. Don’t hesitate to hit Vietnam Best Holidays up for more details because this will be one of the most adventurous trekking tours you’ll ever see.

Ban Gioc waterfall is one of the famous waterfalls not only in Vietnam but also known to international friends. Being recognized as one of the top 4 largest cross-country waterfalls in the world, this place is increasingly attracting a lot of tourists. Ban Gioc waterfall locates in Cao Bang Provinces, between Vietnam and China. That is why Vietnam Best Holidays designed this trekking tour for curious foreign travelers.

Ban Gioc trekking tour

Ban Gioc waterfall, Vietnam

In addition, the Vietnam trekking tour also takes you to Ba Be Lake. Ba Be is a freshwater lake in Bac Kan, Vietnam. It is one of the hundred largest freshwater lakes in the world and located in Ba Be National Park, which is recognized as a national tourist area of Vietnam. Trekking there, you will absolutely fall in love with the refreshing and cool atmosphere of the place.

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The Vietnam trekking tour from Vietnam Best Holidays will give you the chance to explore the most spectacular off-the-beaten-track sites of Vietnam's northeast. It is an area where karst limestone mountain ranges and wonderful terraced paddy fields make up the great natural picture. You will enjoy really natural sceneries, breathe fresh air, trekking trails to the ethnic minority villages, staying with local people and learning from their customs and traditions, you will draw many interesting things about life.

Ban Gioc trekking tour

The peaceful view of Ba Be Lake

All in all, enjoy your time of 6-day with Ban Gioc Waterfall & Ba Be Lake Trekking Tour to have the most unforgettable moments in the mountainous area of Vietnam.

The Ban Gioc Waterfall & Ba Be Lake Trekking Tour shall depart from Hanoi at 07:30 am. It takes you most of the day driving up to Cao Bang City. The morning drive is gentle and easy on big High Ways. On the way, have a stop at Thai Nguyen city and pay a visit to the Museum of Cultures of Vietnam's Ethnic Groups. It is a great place for you to get an overview of Vietnamese ethnic groups before meeting some of them along the trip. Arrive in the city late in the afternoon.

On the next day, the Vietnam trekking tour starts at 08:00 am, when Vietnam Best Holidays takes you to set out for an hour's drive to Quan Uyen District where you will walk to visit a typical village of the Nung people. This village is well known for its incense making tradition. You are able to call at a family and learn about traditional work. Followed by a short walk to Phia Thap Mountain where you will take a hike up to the summit. The hike lasts about 1.5 hours for both ways. The 360-degree panorama over the area will definitely amaze you.

Ban Gioc trekking tour

Quay Son River

The afternoon transfer takes you to Quay Son River in Trung Khach District. Your guide will help you on a kayak and paddling downstream the stunning river.

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Then, it’s time for you to explore the Ban Gioc waterfall. The whole next morning is spent visiting Ban Gioc Waterfall - The most beautiful fall of the country which is located right on the borderline between Vietnam and China. You are able to take a raft ride on the river so that you can enjoy the falls at best.

After Ban Gioc, your guide will walk you through a long cave of Nguom Ngao. This cave runs through a limestone mountain. It is long and beautifully decorated with so many stalactites and stalagmites. Your lunch will be served at a local restaurant before the afternoon drive down to Ba Be National Park.

Ban Gioc trekking tour

A corner of Nguom Ngao cave

Bidding farewell to the host family and get to a boat station for the morning cruise through Ba Be Lake. The cruise is beautiful with the scenery of steep limestone mountains covered by dense rain forest. Onward to Nang River and head upstream for Puong Limestone Cave. The Nang River runs through a limestone mountain in this national park and created a big cave which is the home of thousand bats.

About 15 minutes after the cave, you will land at a little station. Walk up and back on your private vehicle and drive to a nearby town for lunch. The afternoon drive brings you back to Hanoi.

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