Hanoi - Indispensable Destination In Vietnam Holiday Packages

Foreign travelers can find various Vietnam luxury holiday packages when coming to this S-shaped country in South East Asia, but Hanoi is one of the indispensable ones that you will find in the best tours. Vietnam Best Holidays is honored to tell why, as well as suggest some of the best holiday packages in our Vietnam.

Hanoi is located on the left bank of the Da River and on both sides of the Red River Delta. After being expanded, Hanoi is in the top 17 capital cities with the largest area in the world with 3,324.92 kilometers square - an impressive number. With this advantageous geographic location, the city easily becomes an important economic, political, cultural and scientific center of the country. Also, Hanoi has become an indispensable destination of most Vietnam luxury holiday packages.

Vietnam Luxury Holiday Packagaes

Hanoi - the beautiful capital of Vietnam

Due to the tropical monsoon climate, traveling to Hanoi, international tourists can enjoy 4 seasons of the year (spring, summer, autumn, winter) during ideal times. Each season has its own characteristics, giving you different feelings about life, scenery and people of Vietnam. Hanoi is very cold in the winter, very hot in the summer but the beauty of the city is not lost because of that. It is safe to say that one can visit Hanoi at any time of the year.

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Religions and beliefs have long been an important part of the spiritual life of Hanoi in particular and Vietnamese in general. This land has many religions such as Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, Protestantism, Islam, Cao Dai,... to serve the needs of the cultural and religious life of the people.

Hanoi can be counted as one of the most bustling and active cities in Vietnam. Visitors will feel the bustle of a city that is the capital of this country. In the morning, on busy roads, people go back and forth, especially in rush hour. At night, Hanoi also becomes busy, and when the night comes, streets are filled with lights and people hanging out in all corners.

Vietnam Luxury Holiday Packagaes

Hanoi has many valuable relics

Hanoi now has more than 4000 monuments and beautiful landscapes. In particular, there are more than 9000 relics in the ranking of national monuments, with hundreds of temples, buildings and famous attractions. Compared with other provinces and cities in Vietnam, Hanoi has great potential for tourism development. It is no wonder that almost all the best holidays in Vietnam are designed to bring foreign tourists to Hanoi. If you don’t stop by Hanoi for at least one day when coming to Vietnam, your luxury trips won’t be complete.

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Vietnam Best Holidays also designs various luxury holiday packages for international tourists, with the best services and most fancy accommodations. The tours will bring you to the most famous places in Hanoi as well as other worth-visiting destinations across the S-shaped country. All in all, the capital of Vietnam is a very attractive place.

Among the popular relics in the capital of Vietnam, Vietnam Best Holidays will take you to the most outstanding ones. One of them is the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, where they preserve the remains of Uncle Ho. The mausoleum was started construction on September 2, 1973, and completed on August 19, 1975. The work is 21.6 meters high and 41.2 meters wide. It is made entirely of many different kinds of rare gems. The place became a famous destination that anyone visiting Hanoi would like to visit, an indispensable one in Vietnam luxury holidays.

Vietnam Luxury Holiday Packagaes

The famous Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

The Temple of Literature - Quoc Tu Giam was the ancient school of Thang Long and the first university in Southeast Asia. It is not only a historical and cultural relic but also a place where activities and events imbued with the identity of the people of the Capital. Inside, there are many precious artifacts, representing the education history of Vietnam.

The One Pillar Pagoda is the temple with the most unique architecture in Hanoi capital. The temple is like a symbol of Hanoi city, was built in the squared shaped, curved roof, on cylindrical stone pillars, on a lake covered with lotus. The work is small, but there is a way for you to go to Buddha and burn incense. Vietnam Best Holidays will surely take you to visit this unique relic in the luxury holiday packages.

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Vietnam Luxury Holiday Packagaes

The One Pillar Pagoda - a symbol of Hanoi

The Hanoi Old Quarter is a unique ancient quarter in Vietnam, located in Hoan Kiem district, used to be like an ancient Venice city. It is also known by the name of 36 streets, this is the old craft guild, each street sells a commodity. Inside the neighborhood also preserves traditional houses, cultural and historical buildings, and retains the architectural style of the people of Vietnam and Asia.

Along with those, Vietnam Best Holidays will take you to even more amazing places in Hanoi. Plus the luxury services, you won’t regret it when choosing one of the Vietnam luxury holiday packages provided by us.

Vietnam Luxury Holiday Packagaes

Coming to Hanoi, you won't be disappointed

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Don’t ignore the precious chance to visit Hanoi – one of the most attractive cities in Vietnam, in one of the remarkable Vietnam best tours. The S-shaped country is waiting for you.