Money-Saving Luxurious Halong Cruise Tour With Wego Cruise

Wego is a luxurious cruise that serves tourists from both domestic and international to explore Halong Bay, Vietnam. A cheap yet fancy Halong cruise tour with Wego will surely not disappoint you.

Halong is the central city of Quang Ninh province, located in the Northeast of Vietnam. Ha Long is an important traffic hub in the Northern region. From the Northern provinces, you can come to Ha Long by car or train, while the people of the Southern province can come here by air. In particular, Halong Bay is the most important and famous tourist destination in the North of Vietnam. In recent years, Halong cruise tours are getting more and more popular.

Halong day cruise tour

Halong Bay is the famous tourist destination of Northern Vietnam

Halong tourism not only attracts domestic and foreign tourists due to being a World Natural Heritage (recognized by UNESCO) but also for many other beautiful destinations. If you are visiting Hanoi, why don’t you spend a day to go to Halong Bay? Vietnam Best Holidays is honored to introduce you to the luxurious Halong Bay cruise tour from Hanoi, which surely will satisfy you.

Wego cruise was launched in 2018, since then, it has become a familiar cruise for international tourist visiting Halong Bay. Wego means to provide a fun and nice ship for backpackers to socialize to share travel experiences, the more people we have, the happier we are. This is the perfect choice for a luxurious Halong Bay tour from Hanoi.

Halong day cruise tour

The fancy Wego cruise, Halong Bay

Vietnam Best Holidays is giving you the excellent opportunity to visit Halong Bay by passing wonderful narrow rock channels, see many different shapes of limestone islets, amazing caves. The trips also let you enjoy exciting activities in Halong Bay such as kayaking or boat rowing. With just one day, you will have the fullest experience in Halong Bay.

Wego Day Cruise is designed in standard level for your full-day trip to Halong Bay, it is simple but value for money, enough for you to have an overview of Halong Bay. This Halong luxury day tour has become the choice of many fashionable people.

The Halong Day Trip - Wego Day Cruise starts from 8 to 9 am when the bus and guide pick you up from the hotel and follow the new highway to depart for Tuan Chau Island, Halong City. This will be the beginning of your Halong cruise tour.

Halong day cruise tour

Enjoy your Halong Bay day trip with the Wego cruise

When you arrive at Tuan Chau Harbor, you shall be welcomed aboard and safety briefing. Halong Day Cruise will take you on a 5-hour journey via 2 day-sleeper boat cruise route which renowned for its striking, passages uninhabited islets and outcrops have been given imaginative names by the locals, due to their perceived shapes, including Cock Fighting and Thumb, while enjoying Vietnamese mouth-watering lunch on the boat.

When the afternoon comes, you shall arrive at Bo Hon archipelago, where you will visit Surprising Cave to see a lot of stalagmites and stalagmites with different shapes of sea lives, then go kayaking or bamboo boat in Luon Cave to discover the beautiful lagoon. The Halong Bay cruise from Hanoi even takes you to visit Titov Island with a sandy beach adjacent to the towering limestone mountain with an excellent backdrop of the Bay and climb up Titov Peak for a panoramic view of the bay like paradise.

Halong day cruise tour

Inside the Surprising Cave

After all of those amazing adventures, you can return to the Wego cruise for an afternoon tea and cruising back toward Tuan Chau harbor. There is a lot of time for sunbathing on the upper deck with music, enjoy great fun of group touring fellows among the world iconic natural scenery. Then, you will return to Hanoi and end this wonderful day.

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To make a summarise, the Halong Day tour – Wego Day cruise shall start from Hanoi old quarter, then go pass through paddy fields on the highway to Halong Bay. With Vietnam Best Holidays tour, you can enjoy exciting activities in Halong Bay such as kayaking or boat rowing, afternoon tea. The cruising duration is almost 5.5 hours.

Halong day cruise tour

Join a day tour with Wego cruise right away

With the Halong Day cruise tour with Wego cruise, you will have an unforgettable day trip to the World Natural Heritage of Vietnam, plus the good services so that you may save time to travel to more interesting destinations. The trip arranged for you by Vietnam Best Holidays also cover services like the bus transfer from hotel/stay in Hanoi Old Quarter to Halong Bay, kayaking or bamboo boat, a professional English speaking guide during the trip, Lunch with delicious Vietnamese dishes, afternoon tea and other amazing things.

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The wonderful Halong cruise tour is waiting for you. Don’t hesitate anymore.