Natural Beauty Of North End Of Vietnam - Ban Gioc And Ba Be Tour

Get ready for the best 6 days of your life, because Vietnam Best Holidays is about to take you to these two amazing natural destinations of Northern Vietnam - the legendary Ban Gioc Waterfall and the lovely Ba Be Lake. This is an opportunity that you shouldn’t miss at all.

Ban Gioc Waterfall is one of the famous waterfalls not only in Vietnam but also known by international friends from all around the world. This is one of the top 4 largest transnational waterfalls in the world and is attracting more and more tourists to visit Cao Bang. Ban Gioc Waterfall really deserves to be a must-try tourism site in luxury Vietnam packages, and Vietnam Best Holidays will surely give you the most memorable experiences here.

Ban Gioc Waterfall is located between the Vietnam - China border. The secondary and half of the main waterfall on the left belong to Vietnam. The other half to the right of the main falls belongs to China. Standing on the bank of Ban Gioc Waterfall, tourists will have the unique experience of watching Chinese people walking and hanging out at the other side of the river.

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The poetic beauty of Ban Gioc Waterfall, Cao Bang, Vietnam

In Southeast Asia, this is one of the largest natural waterfalls recognized. Just standing from a distance of a few dozen meters, you can easily hear the sound of a waterfall falling down, roaring and growling powerfully in the air. The main part of the waterfall is about 100 meters wide, 70 meters high and 60 meters deep. With a panoramic view from a distance, the waterfall pours down to create a white bubble area, giving us a feeling of wild but extremely magnificent.

At the foot of the waterfall is a wide river with blue and refreshing water. On both sides of the shore are green grasses glistening with mist. This landscape is really a real-life fairy place on earth. Tourists can easily walk around the foot of the waterfall, admire and produce artistic images with natural mountains. In addition, right at the foot of the secondary Ban Gioc waterfall is a small dam. In addition, to have a more unique and direct experience with the water, you can sit on the rafts floating on the Que Son River. The luxury Vietnam packages are absolutely thrilled to have Ban Gioc Waterfall on their itineraries.

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Tourists discovering the magnificent Ban Gioc Waterfall

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Ba Be is one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world and is the largest natural freshwater lake in Vietnam, located in Ba Be National Park - which is recognized as Vietnam's national tourist resort. The value of the lake also lies at the geological value, unique geomorphology, biodiversity, with a water surface of more than 650 hectares and 8 kilometers long, covered by towering limestone mountains and many underground watercourses.

If you love the mountain sceneries with fields and majestic nature, you shall enjoy a completely relaxing trip after a hard-working week. That is why Ba Be Lake is a popular destination in luxury Vietnam packages, and Vietnam Best Holidays is honored to take you for a refreshing trip there.

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The peaceful atmosphere at Ba Be Lake

Ba Be is located in the northeastern mountainous region of Vietnam, so people in the village often grow corn, potatoes, cassava and more. These foods are usually dried and hung in front of the house, which makes visitors quite interested. Going to Ba Be Lake creates a great chance for international travelers to learn about the unique cultures and customs of Vietnam.

In addition to the rustic mountain scent, the smell of ripe rice, dried corn is also blended to make you feel comfortable and refreshed. All in all, coming to Ba Be Lake, you will feel absolutely relaxed and comfortable.

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Ba Be Lake is one of the most beautiful destinations of Northern Vietnam

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The Ban Gioc Waterfall & Ba Be Lake Trekking Tour from Vietnam Best Holidays will give you a full experience of discovering and enjoying these lovely destinations. You shall explore the most spectacular off-the-beaten-track sites of Vietnam's northeast, take in the really natural sceneries, breath fresh air, trekking trails to the ethnic minority villages, staying with local people and learning from their customs and traditions, you will draw many interesting things of life.

The tour begins with your arrival at Noi Bai international airport in Hanoi capital. Vietnam Best Holidays take you straight from Hanoi to Cao Bang to Ban Gioc Waterfall, on the way, you will have a stop at Thai Nguyen city and pay a visit to the Museum of Cultures of Vietnam's Ethnic Groups to get an overview of Vietnamese ethnic groups before meeting some of them along the trip. This is an indispensable experience in luxury Vietnam packages.

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Ba Be Lake tourism is getting more and more popular

You and your loved ones can have absolutely interesting activities at the Ban Gioc Waterfall such as trekking, kayaking and visiting the Nguom Ngao cave.

After saying goodbye to Ban Gioc Waterfall, the amazing 6-day trip will continue with your visit to Ba Be Lake. Vietnam Best Holidays is honored to take you on a peaceful and relaxing tour on the cruise, surfing on the blue clear water of Ba Be Lake. The cruise is beautiful with the scenery of steep limestone mountains covered by dense rain forest, one of the most splendid scenes of Northern Vietnam.

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The crowded and happy scenery at Ban Gioc Waterfall

Onward, you are taken to Nang River and head upstream for Puong Limestone Cave. The Nang River runs through a limestone mountain in this national park and created a big cave which is the home of thousand bats. About 15 minutes after the cave, you will land at a little station. All of these shall absolutely give you an unforgettable experience of joining the luxury Vietnam packages.

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Are you ready to have the best 6-day of your life enjoying the nature and lovely mountains and water of Northern Vietnam? Vietnam Best Holidays is ready to serve you!