Sapa - Classic Desitnation For Classic Vietnam Tour

For every classic tour to our S-shaped country, Sapa is an indispensable destination. Let’s find out why is Sapa so attractive to foreign tourists, and let Vietnam Best Holidays show you what is this wonderful place has to deserve to be the highlight of classic tours.

Sapa is a small yet stunning town in Lao Cai province of Vietnam. For those who don’t know, Sapa has been a famous tourist destination in Vietnam from the early 20th century until now. Sapa had been blessed by Mother Nature with a picture of a landscape that is both romantic and majestic, immense with mountains and white steamy clouds covering the tops, plus the terraced fields and the eye-catching appearance of the villages.

Sapa is everything you can ask from a relaxing vacation, that is why it has been a highlight of Vietnam classic tours since forever.

Vietnam classic tour

Sapa has a unique and stunning beauty

Not only processes a stunning natural beauty, but Sapa also has a refreshing climate that is cool, refreshing and comfortable at every time of the year. Sapa is even more famous because of the unique cultures and customs of the ethnic minorities, especially the Mong and the Dao – nowadays even more attractive when being combined with European architecture. All the above factors have created a special attraction for tourists who want to explore Sapa.

That is why Sapa is considered as a must-have in Vietnam holiday packages. Are you ready to explore Sapa with Vietnam Best Holidays?

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With such a pleasant climate, tourists can visit Sapa, Vietnam at any time of the years. Vietnam Best Holidays has designed a lot of Vietnam classic tours with Sapa being one of the main destinations. Looking for a cheap, convenient yet amazing and unforgettable vacation for your loved ones? This is the perfect choice for you.

Vietnam classic tour

Whenever is it, Sapa is always lovely and wonderful

The most ideal time to travel to Sapa is from September to November or from March to May. This time, Sapa's weather is stable with dry sunny days and cold nights. If not, you can try to stop by Sapa in April and May when there are stunning terraced fields. When September and October come, the rice will be ripe, making Sapa being dressed in a shining and brilliant shade of yellow. Whenever is it, Sapa always has a unique beauty that deserves to be in most Vietnam holiday tour packages.

Vietnam Best Holidays will take you on exploring all of the most significant and worth-visiting places in Sapa. With our Vietnam classic tours, you can visit Cat Cat village which is occupied by the Black H’ mong tribe. Here, you can see the hydroelectric power station which was built by the French in the twentieth century. You will experience the tribal way of life of ethnic minorities while enjoying wonderful views of the terraced rice paddy fields and the waterfall in Cat Cat village.

Vietnam classic tour

The splendid yellow rice fields in Sapa

You can also stop by other significant places in Sapa such as visit Ham Rong Mountain with unspoiled and spectacular scenery. You can enjoy many kinds of colorful flowers in Indochina Orchid Garden. The Vietnam tour package shall take you passing two Heaven Gates, where visitors will reach the top of Ham Rong which is called Pitch Cloud and have a panoramic view of Sapa.

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You can also visit Lao Chai and Ta Van Village in Sapa, which are the home to H’mong, and Dzay people to understand more about the ethnic minority community, enjoy imposing mountain scenery, terraced fields, and marvelous nature. You can visit ancient sacred stones with big and small ones that have many unique images, secret sighs, and see the bridge made by rattan like Muong Hoa stream. This is an absolutely spectacular walk through stunning scenery inhabited by some of the friendliest people you can meet.

Vietnam classic tour

A glimpse of Cat Cat - the most famous village in Sapa

As a famous tourist destination, Sapa cuisine is extremely unique. The available ingredients such as buffalo meat, beef, chicken, small pigs, spring fish, salmon, wild bamboo shoots and more, through the skillful processing hands of local people, shall be created into delicious dishes such as kitchen buffalo meat, honey grilled chicken, grilled pork, crispy spring fish, salmon salad and more. It may sound normal, but you can’t exactly find these dishes in other places. It is enough for you to join the Vietnam classic tours with Vietnam Best Holidays?

Sapa is a stunning mountainous area, so there are tons of lovely trekking tours available as well. Feeling up to some exercises? Vietnam Best Holidays can help you with that too. Take a look at our wonderful trekking tours to Sapa and you will be amazed.

Vietnam classic tour

Explore Sapa with our Vietnam classic tours

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Vietnam Best Holidays is ready to take you on the most memorable and one of a kind Vietnam classic tour ever with our breathtaking Sapa town, Lao Cai. Don’t wait anymore, come join us!