Trekking Through Magnificent Northwest Vietnam In 10 Days

The Northwest area of Vietnam has long been recognized as one of the most colorful, beautiful and refreshing places due to its stunning nature. Trekking is the ideal way to truly enjoy the beauty of it, and Vietnam Best Holidays has just the right trekking tour for you.

The Northwest region of Vietnam is increasingly known by domestic and international tourists. This place owns majestic and poetic natural sceneries, along with many famous landscapes. Traveling to the Northwest region, visitors also have the opportunity to explore the cultural beauty of the ethnic people here or enjoy unique dishes prepared by the locals. That is why Vietnam Best Holidays provide tons of amazing and fancy Northwest Vietnam tours, especially trekking tours for foreign visitors.

The discovery tour from Hanoi to the Northwest area of Vietnam allows you to have the opportunity to see the most beautiful mountainous sights and colorful hill tribes in Vietnam. Join Vietnam Best Holidays, you will have the chance to leave the crowd streets of Hanoi behind to travel through bumpy but stunning mountain roads.

Northwest trekking tour

The beauty of Northwest Vietnam

With 10 days of trekking, you will immerse into amazing natural sceneries, breathe fresh air, trek trails to the ethnic minority villages, stay with local people and learn from their culture and traditions, you will draw many interesting things of life. Don’t hesitate to enjoy your time of 10-day with Colorful Northwest Of Vietnam Trekking Tour to have the most unforgettable moments in the mountainous area of Vietnam.

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When you choose to spend your 10 days with our Vietnam trekking tour, you will have the opportunity to visit major attraction places in northern of Vietnam such as Hanoi, Mai Chau, Moc Chau, Dien Bien Phu, Phong Tho, Lai Chau, Sapa, Vu Linh as well as enjoy activities such as trekking trails, visit ethnic villages, enjoy spectacular natural sceneries.

From Hanoi, the English-speaking tour guide from Vietnam Best Holidays will drive you to Mai Chau, an area of beautiful landscape and home to the Thai ethnic minority. After about 3,5 hours passing expansive rice paddies, scenic villages and spectacular limestone mountains as well as catching the daily activities of the locals along the way, it is time for you to catch the spectacular scenery of Mai Chau valley from the White Stone Pass. As winding the final downhill to Mau Chau Valley, you will find yourself really soaked into the bustling atmosphere of the Thai’s hamlets.

Northwest trekking tour

Trekking in Mai Chau will be an unforgettable experience

Continue this day trip by spending the whole afternoon strolling or cycling around one of their picturesque villages, taking photos of local naive children, or talking to the villagers working on their terraced fields.

The next day, the Vietnam trekking tour departs in the early morning for Moc Chau to participate in agricultural activities in O Long Tea Processing Factory and Moc Suong Tea Plantation. On the way, we will stop at a village of H’mong people to talk to the locals and take photos of the peach gardens and spectacular roads winding around mountains. Reaching Son La, we will visit Son La Prison which was built in the French colonial period.

Your next destination that Vietnam Best Holidays take you to is Dien Bien. The path from Son La to Dien Bien with typical stunning sceneries of Northwest Vietnam will surely leave you unforgettable experiences. On the way, you will pass the expansive terraced fields of corn, bean, or banana along with colorful souvenir booths of the locals along the roadsides. Then you continuing our way through the impressive Pha Din Pass at the height of 1,500m, admiring a fantastic panorama of the charming valley encompassed by the cloud all year round, and passing roads of colorful wildflowers, we finally reach Dien Bien – the land of rich history.

Northwest trekking tour

The unspoiled beauty of Dien Bien

Upon arrival in Dien Bien, we will spend the rest of the day visiting the Muong Thanh paddy field, historic sites of De Castries bunker, A1 Hill, explosive holes, etc. to understand more about the magnanimous battle of the Vietnamese people.

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The Vietnam colorful Northwest loops tour starts from the early morning of the next day with various exciting activities. Continuing our way through sloping passes which are typical for the Vietnam Northwest Mountain Region, passing spectacular landscapes of various North-west passes, misty mountain ranges, the local markets and valleys of terraced fields on which the locals are working that all draws a stunning picture. There will be stops to visit villages of the H’mong, Dzao and Dzay nestled against the cliffs. Walking in these villages, you seem to be lost in a fairy space dotted with petite wooden houses standing out among the stretching green of the jungle, meeting the ethnic women with a water barrel on their back climbing up the sloping path to their houses or pigs seeking for their food in the jungle, just the simple things but touch the hearts of all visitors.

After that, depending on your departure date, you will have a chance to visit one of the typical fairs in the highland and understand more about the daily life of the locals. You will be attracted by the bustling and colorful fairs of the local ethnic groups by visiting one of the San Thang Market held every Thursday and Sunday near an expansive terraced field, Dao San Horn Market held on days of buffalo and goat in the lunar calendar, Muong So Market. Either way, you will surely enjoy your Vietnam trekking tour.

Vietnam Northwest Mountain Region

The locals' markets in Northwest Vietnam

Sapa will be your next place to be. Leaving the wild Lai Chau, we make our way through scenic scenery and villages and the most challenging pass, passing the legendary O Quy Ho pass, Hoang Lien Son Mountain Range that is famous with the Fansipan Peak – the highest mountain peak or the roof of Indochina, stepping on the Tram Ton Heaven’s Gate and the Silver waterfall, admiring the valley bobbed on the clouds and stunning routes before reaching Sapa. You will trek tons os amazing places in Sapa such as Cat Cat village, Thac Ba Lake and many more, before returning to Hanoi.

Northwest trekking tour

The stunning sceneries in Sapa

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