Trekking To Magnificent Mountains Of Ha Giang, Vietnam

Ha Giang definitely is the most majestic and stunning mountainous area of Northern Vietnam. Trekking to this wonderful land, your amazement will be exploded to the fullest. Vietnam Best Holidays is honored to introduce you to such beauty, don’t miss out!

Ha Giang is a mountainous province, located in the Northern area - a wonderful place to have in a Vietnam classic tour. Ha Giang has a cool climate and refreshing air makes it comfortable and convenient for tourists to stop by at almost every time of the year. Coming to Ha Giang, you will admire many majestic and spectacular landscapes such as Dong Van plateau, Quan Ba mountain, Meo king's palace, Ma Pi Leng pass, Lung Cu flagpole, and lots of waterfalls and caves. Especially, when trekking on the rough paths of Ha Giang, you will surely be amazed by the stunning nature of our S-shaped country.

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Ha Giang is famous for the breathtaking view of Vietnam's mountainous area, formed by mountains, hills and green forests, creating a beautiful natural scenery. That is why Vietnam Best Holidays is eager to introduce you to the exciting trekking tour to this wonderful land. You will seem lost in the natural world, exploring the inceptive villages of ethnic minorities, learning from their customs and traditions which gain you unforgettable experiences. When visiting the tourism websites, you will easily see that Ha Giang is one of the most common destinations in Vietnam holiday itineraries.

Ha Giang trekking tour

Ha Giang is the stunning mountainous land of Vietnam

Through this Vietnam trekking tour, you will also draw many interesting things in life. If you love hiking, trekking trails, capture beautiful your own photos, experiencing the local tribe lifestyle, staying at a homestay, this Hanoi - Ha Giang Trekking Loop is the perfect design for you. Enjoy your time of 5-day tour to have the most memorable moments in the mountainous area of Vietnam with our Vietnam classic tour.

From Hanoi, Vietnam Best Holidays will bring you to the astonishing land named Ha Giang. Before that, you can have some time to roam around the capital Hanoi. Then, the professional tour guide will pick-up you at your hotel in Hanoi and depart to Nam Dam (Nậm Đăm), Ha Giang. We shall have some stops for taking photos and contemplate the breathtaking landscape of the area. Once arrived in Nam Dam (Nậm Đăm) village, you will have the chance to eat lunch with some traditional dishes with the locals.

Ha Giang trekking tour

You will be astonished by Ha Giang's beauty and culture

In the afternoon our local guide will lead you to walk around the village, beginning your Vietnam trekking tour. You will have a chance to see the local traditional houses made of compacted soil which are cool in the summer and warm in the winter to protect people here from severe weather in the high mountains. You are welcomed to visit the houses whose owners are very friendly and hospitable. As you walk in the village, you will have the opportunity to observe the daily life of the Dao people. Our Vietnam tour package will give you so many opportunities to find out about the ethnic minorities.

Ha Giang trekking tour

The Dao children in Ha Giang

Depending on the season of the year, if you want to learn about the local products, you can visit households that produce honey, corn, or rice wine, or visit the tailoring and embroidering group in the village. Vietnam Best Holidays is eager to give you the chances you have been wanting with this Vietnam classic tour.

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Vietnam Best Holidays also accompany you to depart from Nam Dam village, when you will walk up to the hill at the end of the village to see the spectacular view of the Can Ty valley, with Mien river flowing through the villages of Hmong, Nung, Dzay ethnic groups. The trekking tour leads you to continue to go along the little lane through the terraced fields and woods to come to Lung Tam (Quan Ba district) down the valley. There, you will visit the workshop and showroom of the hemp weaving cooperative to learn about the process of hemp weaving and admire the stunning hemp products. Lung Tam hemp products are unique for many features such as the natural material of hemp trees; no chemical dying; cool, soft fiber; iconic exquisite motifs of decoration representing ethnic H’Mong culture in the highlands; natural materials to produce colors.

After visiting the hemp weaving cooperative, our driver will transfer you to Dong Van. On the way visit Vuong Chi Sinh’s house, a landlord of the H’Mong hill tribe in the past. For a cheap Vietnam holiday package, you will visit a lot of interesting places.

The Ha Giang trekking tour also takes you to Dong Van. You shall visit Dong Van Market (the market day on Sunday). Depart to Meo Vac on Ma Pi Leng Pass. On the way, you can visit Meo Vac or Lung Phinh market (if on market day).

Ha Giang trekking tour

The legendary Ma Pi Leng pass from above

All in all, the Hanoi - Ha Giang Trekking Loop tour Vietnam Best Holidays shall give you an opportunity to visit major attraction places in northern of Vietnam including Hanoi, Ha Giang, Dong Van, Meo Vac,…as well as enjoy activities such as trekking trails, visit ethnic villages, enjoy spectacular natural sceneries. This Vietnam classic tour in the S-shaped country of yours will absolutely be going to be wasted.

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Spend your next five days with Vietnam Best Holidays and trekking to Ha Giang, you won’t regret it. Let us take care of your holiday!