What To Bring On Exciting Vietnam Trekking Tours?

Vietnam has always been a wonderful destination for adventurous trekking tours. In order to make the best out of your Vietnam trekking tour, Vietnam Best Holidays is here to recommend some essential things to bring on the trip.

Preparing for Vietnam trekking tours can be difficult and tiresome, and it is also one of the important factors that determine the success or failure of the trip. There are tons of things to use on the trekking tour, but depending on the characteristics of each trip such as location, terrain, weather,... as well as the purpose and needs of yours, types of equipment to bring can be different to each person.

For long-distance trips as well as Vietnam Best Holidays’ trekking tours, your backpack is a very important item. During Vietnam trekking tours, each person has to carry their own personal belongings, along with shared tents, so the weight of the backpack can be up to 10 kg or more, so if you don’t use the right type of backpack, carrying the luggage will be extremely hard, you will be easy to be exhausted.

Vietnam trekking tips

What to bring on trekking tours are important

If you are cautious, your backpack should have the color that stands out from the surrounding environment so that the members of the crew can easily recognize each other when moving, avoiding getting lost.

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Equally important to a backpack is a pair of climbing shoes. Vietnam Best Holidays highly recommend you to choose your shoes carefully. There are many types of shoes including waterproof, drainage, high neck, short neck, low neck, sandal, etc. Depending on the terrain and budget, you can choose the suitable shoes for your Vietnam trekking tour. In addition to choosing shoes, you should bring for yourself a pair of sandals to use when setting up camp or at night.

When going trekking, you should choose clothing that is loose and light, highly sweat absorbent and breathable. Examples are quick-drying clothes, good sweat-absorbing T-shirts, wide-brimmed hats, bandanas, sun-proof gloves, multi-function towels, cling gloves. You could message Vietnam Best Holidays for more recommendations on your next Vietnam trekking tour.

Vietnam trekking tips

Wear comfortable clothes and bring your backpack

If the place you are going to explore is humid, you should wear long pants combined with leggings to prevent wringing, insects. It is advisable to prepare more heat-retaining jackets (such as fleece jackets), waterproof coats when going in cold places, or use it at night when the temperature is low. If the weather on the days of your journey is likely to be rainy, you should bring a hiking raincoat as well.

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Depending on the route you are about to travel as well as the length of the trekking tour, the amount of water carried will initially be considered accordingly. The amount of water just enough for a trekking rider is about 2 liters a day, if you are able to regulate your drinking water well, the consumption will be less but absorbed better.

Vietnam trekking tips

Water is important on trekking tours

You can also bring some essential personal belongings for the trekking trip such as wet paper towels (small bags to avoid taking up the place of backpacks), insect repellent cream or lotions, medicine (vitamin C pills, heat pads, cold gels / hot gels to massage sore muscles) or your special remedy.

In addition, some snacks for extra energy such as chocolate bars, snacks, candies and more are also needed for the Vietnam trekking trip. You shouldn’t bring dairy or milk in order to avoid a stomach ache.

Vietnam trekking tips

Strength is important on trekking tours

In addition, you must be determined that you are going to go on a memorable but very adventurous journey in Vietnam, so you must prepare yourself physically and mentally to have a successful trip. You must have strong stamina and good health. Maybe trying jogging or light exercises a few days before the trekking tour will be suitable.

Other things will be prepared by Vietnam Best Holidays once you have decided to join us on an amazing Vietnam trekking tour. Vietnam Best Holidays is one of the most trusted tourism companies in the S-shaped country so you don’t have to worry about the quality and the service of the trip at all.

For example, a standard Vietnam trekking tour from Vietnam Best Holidays will include some essential items such as accommodation on a twin/double/tripe-share basic with daily breakfast, meals as mentioned in the itinerary (so you don’t have to prepare food excluding some light snacks if needed), private door to door transport with air-conditioned, a professional English-speaking tour guide to help you throughout the trip, mineral water daily 2 bottle 500ml/per day tour.

Vietnam trekking tips

Join Vietnam Best Holidays for the best trekking tour in Vietnam

The fee of the trekking tour will also include expenses such as all entrance and sightseeing fees as well as all taxes and services charge, to make it easier and more convenient for customers.

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Vietnam Best Holidays is ready to serve you the best trekking tour in Vietnam. Check out our website to choose the suitable tour and you won’t regret it.