Battambang Overview

Battambang is Cambodia’s second largest city, situated next to a gentle, romantic river. This city is not the hub of the bustling capital, there are no beautiful beaches, there are no magnificent temples but still attract tourists by its own beauty, which contains many interesting things, from the classic look of French architecture to everyday life of the people here. The following sights are only a part of all Battambang destinations. Most of the colonial buildings are located on the main road of Battambang spread along the river. In addition, on the Sanker line, the magnificent Chinese temples, majestic light is also beautiful sights. Going to the inner city, there are temples of Wat Dhum Rey Sor and Wat Phepittam worth visiting. No other city in the pagoda has clearer influences from France than Battambang. The old colonial buildings along the banks of the river were the former residence of the governor of France. Visitors will see impressive architecture and nostalgic history. Situated right in the heart of the city is the bustling Psar Nat market, where local daily activities take place. Most hotels and motels are located very close to the market, just a few steps away. If you are visiting Battambang for the first time during your Cambodia trip, the simplest way to explore the city is to take a stroll around the city center. Along the roads in Battambang, there are displays of statues of kings, generals, historical figures, or legendary gods.
1) Wat Baraset
Barsaet Temple is located 15 km to the east of Battambang. Built in the 11th century under the kingdom of Suryavarman I, the temple was damaged severely and contained only window frames. With the area of 20 km, 12 wide meters and 10 deep meters. It is used by the Khmer to store water year round.
2) Wat Banan
Wat Banan Temple is located on a hill, built in the 11th century, consisting of 5 peaks. The stone color of this temple here looks brighter than other temples and there are many beautiful photo shoots. Around the temple, there are old trees with shady green canopy shading and highlight the architecture of the temple. From this hilltop, you can see the surrounding scenery below.
3) Wat Tahm Rai Saw
Wat Tahm Rai Saw (or White Elephant Pagoda) is one of the most prominent temples in Battambang and is regularly visited by tourists. The best time to visit the temple is on New Year’s Day of Khmer people.
By that time, people will decorate the temple and the surrounding area, holding solemn celebrations to welcome the coming year. Coming to Wat Tahm Rai Saw, visitors will have the opportunity to learn more about the unique culture of the Khmer people.
4) Wat Ek Phnom
This is a prominent temple in Battambang located next to a large lake and behind a 28 meter high Buddha statue. Wat Ek Phnom is about 13 km from the town center and was built in the 11th century, under the reign of King Sorayak Varman II. Due to the influence of the war, there were only a few statues of Buddhas and ruins. There are also the towers built on a large courtyard with a few stone carvings that are quite beautiful. The temple is a place to help tourists learn about the history of Cambodia, discover a temple forgotten.
5) Wat Prasat Sneung
Situated on a cool and airy hill, over 20 km from Battambang center, Wat Prasat Sneung is a temple built of brick. Inside of Prasat Sneung, there are three separate temples with twelve-century Khmer style architecture. The temple looks deserted but contains many historical values.
6) Wat Pee Pahd
Wat Pee Pahd is a popular tourist attraction, a common cultural heritage site in Battambang that many visitors visit during their Cambodia tour. The architecture of the temple is still intact because it preserved carefully. When entering the temple to visit, tourists will find the interior decorated very sophisticatedly with carved sculptures. That is the most prominent and attractive when tourists coming to visit this temple.
7) Countryside tour
The villages outside Battambang are one of the choices of National Graphic, just a few kilometers from the town. The area has many small villages, stilt houses, and rice fields stretching to the horizon.
You will have chance to enjoy many of these scenery on the way to the attractions. You can also try some local products such as rice paper, noodles, dried fish, but beware of moldy and stinky products. Roads are often made of soil and dirty. You should remember to wear a hat and a Krama to protect your nose and mouth.
8) Battambang Provincial Museum
The Battambang Provincial Museum is displaying tools of the people of Battambang and surrounding areas. Inside of the Battambang Provincial Museum, there is a screen showing the farming methods and fishing of local people. Furthermore, when visiting the museum, visitors also heard many interesting lore about the city of Battambang.
9) Wat Kor Cultural Village
About 2 km south of town, the Wat Kor culture village has wooden houses dating back to 100 years ago, along with some tools and artifacts used in the daily life of the ancients such as rice mill or ox cart.
10) Naga Memorial for Peace and Development
On your way to leave the city of Battambang to the south, you will see the Naga Memorial. Designed by four Cambodian craftsmen and completed in 2007, the monument was built from the arms of local people surrendering after the war at the end of the last century. The kings of Cambodia – The Land of Pagodas built many palaces and huge temples made of stone. There, the snake Naga considered the god guardian sacred. Naga snakes always appear on stairs, walkways, sidewalks, or towers to expel demons. Naga snakes symbolize fertility and are able to protect water resources for Cambodians.

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