Kampot Overview

The southernmost Kampot province of Cambodia is home to pretty long coastlines, good-looking and romantic riversides and an abundance of low-lying agricultural land producing original and world-famous foods, including Kampot pepper.
Kampot is the name of the capital city as well as the province here. Kampot city is a tourist attractive place in Laos, owns 19th century French architecture that takes you back in time, set to the back of the Elephant Mountains behind. Kampong Bay River runs through the city, providing enchanting to the city sights.
Kampot city is a place where it’s possible to spend days simply immersing into the enchanting architecture and enjoying the feeling on the streets and by the river. Get around on foot, by bike, by tuk tuk or by motobike, depending on how much physical activity you’d like to explore this city.

Places to go