Kep Overview

Kep is Cambodia’s smallest province in the coastal south-east of the country, this place is a charming holiday spot known for its water-side life, seafood and coastal hiking.
Kep was a favorite holiday spot for French colonialists in the first half of the 1900s, and later, wealthy Cambodians, who made it the most prestigious beach town in Cambodia. It’s had a recent resurgence in popularity among those looking for a beach-side experience that’s slightly off the main backpacker trails. Kep is a place to blend water-side adventures with laidback Cambodian life because of a smattering of islands off the coastline.
There are many islands in Kep which offer a combination of tranquil beaches and rustic charm - perfect for a different look at Cambodia. The beaches here are pretty and popular, with a few hammocks and chairs to enjoy lazy afternoons on. They offer a slice of undeveloped island charm too, with a few wooden shacks selling simple meals of fresh seafood. The visitors can have a wander and watch locals going about their daily lives, much of which revolves around fishing. It’s possible to walk around the entirety of the islands in around two to three hours. The visitors can also hire snorkeling equipment to enjoy the colorful reefs and fish off the island. If you’re there in the evening, look out for the shining phosphorescent algae in the sea - it’s a mystical sight!