Ba Be Lake Overview

Ba Be Lake is located in Bac Can Province, about 240km far from Hanoi, and another name is Ba Be National Park. The Vietnamese name Ba Be Lake translates as Three Lakes, referring to the three parts of the lake: Pe Leng, Pe Lu, and Pe Lam and covers more than 23,000 hectares boasting waterfalls, rivers, lakes, deep valleys, mountains and caves. The area is home to many ethnic minority groups. Ba Be Lake surface is always calm, making a boat trip a really peaceful experience, a haven of extraordinary scenery, fascinating biodiversity and rich culture.

The ethnic minority communities live in small villages throughout the and still maintain a simple life, living off the land and fishing from the lakes and rivers. As you adventure through the Ba Be national park you will have the opportunity to meet the local people and discover their daily life, history, custom and culture. The many different areas of the national park are steeped in legends and mystery, the stories handed down through many generations.
Ba Be Lake is the perfect destination for any keen adventurer. Here you can trek through the thick jungle, kayak down the rivers, and swim in the lakes, explore mystical caves. The incredible range of terrain will keep you on your foots and keep your excitement piqued.
The Ba Be National Park was only established in 1992, making it feel as if you are exploring untouched areas. Almost caves have only been explored recently and are providing new information about the geography and biodiversity of the region.
As well as the amazing scenery, this area is home to a staggering 1268 species of flora and fauna, some of which are rare species. This really is a paradise area for any nature lovers. Researchers have explored 65 species of mammals, including flying squirrels, macaques, Chinese pangolins, langurs and bears. As well as the incredible mammals living in the area, researchers have discovered 223 varieties of birds, 106 species of fishes and well over 300 types of butterfly. You could easily take your time simply looking for these incredible creatures.

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