Buon Ma Thuot Overview

Buon Ma Thuot is worth seeing. It is the provincial capital of Dak Lak. This province is about 360 kilometres from Saigon, deep in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. Buon Ma Thuot is only visited by a few tourists although it is one of the biggest towns in the Central Highlands. However, this town is a starting point for those who want to see the attractions in the area.
Buon Ma Thuot is small but crowded place. The population is about 300,000. This is home of ethnic minorities like the Jarai and Rhade peoples. The province is also historical place because it was the site of the last major confrontation between the North Vietnamese and South Vietnamese armies back in March 1975. These days, Buon Ma Thuot is better known for its coffee.
Beautiful waterfalls are one of the best attractions in Buon Ma Thuot. Gia Long and Dray Nur are very impressive but if you want to visit one waterfall, it should be Dray Sap, which can be found in a stunning rainforest. Another attraction is the Yok Don National Park which is one of the largest nature reserve in Vietnam and visitors can find rare animals and birds here. And the most attraction here is elephant riding in Ban Don Village, local guides can take visitors to the Yok Don National Park and across the Serepok River by riding an elephant. Visitors will find that the big elephants are actually quite gentle, and love playing in the water.
Other attractions in Buon Ma Thuot are the Ban Don Village and the Lak Lake. The former is a village famous for its tribal architecture, while the latter provides an idyllic scene where one can witness the slow pace of rural living. On the shore of the lake is June Village, where people live in roof houses on stilts.