Chau Doc Overview

Chau Doc is a city of An Giang Province, bordering Cambodia, in the Mekong Delta region of Vietnam. Travelers who travels to and from Phnom Penh by boat will pass by the city, and staying overnight here is highly recommended. Aside from the colours, travelers will also attracted by the locals; the people in Chau Doc, including the Xe loi drivers, are nice and friendly. Foreigners do not worry too much about a language barrier-English is spoken in most guesthouses and hotels, and most restaurants have English-language menus.
The most attraction in Chau Doc is the Sam Mountain, which is far about 7km from town. The mountain is not too high, it seems that way because of the plains of Mekong. This tourist place is considered a local pilgrimage place because the mountain is home to many temples and there is a colorful temple at the base, and smaller places of worship on the way up the mountain. However, the most religiously significant is the Ba Chua Xu Temple, which has its own festival held between April and June every year.
Another attraction is Tra Su Cajuput Forest in Tinh Bien District. It is known as an green lung of An Giang. It always wears on a cool verdant of soaring cajuput and water-fern. From September to the end of November, Tra Su becomes most attracting that no one can be missed.

Food Culture

Lau mam

Mekong Delta has many rivers and canals so it is reason why Mekong Delta has many different kind of seafood. Therefore, the famous food in Mekong delta is often related to seafood material. Lau...