Dak Nong Overview

Dak Nong province is located on Central Highlands of Vietnam. Dak Nong has flat cultivated surface, mainly bazan and home of coffee tree. Here, the traditional culture of ethnic groups is diversified and distinct. Dak Nong is the home of 40 ethnic communities with unique traditional cultures and majestic scenery imbued with the characteristics of the mountain and forest in Central Highland.
Dak Nong is attractive for travelers who like discovering superb natural fall scenery.
Dak Nong has many high waterfalls, large hydropower, wonderful sightseeing places such as Ea Snô Lake, Tay Lake, Chu Bluk - the longest volcanic cave in Southeast Asia, Dak Buk So waterfall, Nam Nung eco-cultural-historical tourist area, Pu Prang M’nong Village, Ta Dung Nature Reserve,...