Ha Giang Overview

Ha Giang is a northern mountainous province of Vietnam, with a unique geographical make up, diverse range of nature and cultures. This mountainous area with towering karst mountain peaks, share a 270 km border with neighbouring China and plays host to the border crossing at Thanh Thuy. This remote and amazing beautiful area is one of the last areas of Vietnam that requires travelers to obtain a visa in order to visit, but do not to worry it is quite cheap and easy to purchase one. Although gaining popularity with tourists recently, this remarkable area is still off the beaten track and goes unknown by many. Those that make it to what is known as the “Final Frontier of Vietnam” are compensated by sweeping views of carpets of flowers, karst mountains, colourful markets and rich, diverse ethnic minority communities.
Like much other regions of Vietnam, Ha Giang has had a turbulent past with conquering from both neighbouring China and the French colonials but today the magnificent mountain region stay quietly in peace. Now it is home to ethnic minority communities such as the Tay, H’mong, Nung, Giay, Lo Lo and Pu Peo who all have their own unique and mesmerizing cultures. The interaction of people and environment is evident in the landscape with the iconic terraced rice fields spilling down the edges of the vast mountains.
Ha Giang is the perfect destination to discover by foot, trekking, climbing the dizzying passing that clings to the sides of the mountains to experience unrivalled views of the incredible border region.

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