Hau Giang Overview

Hau Giang is province located in Mekong Delta. It borders with Vinh Long, Can Tho Province on the north, Soc Trang Province on the east, Bac Lieu Province on the south, and Kien Giang Province on the west. Hau Giang is located on complicated network of rivers, and canals such as: Hau, Cai Tu rivers, Phung Hiep, Quan Lo, Xa No, Xang Nang Mau canals.
Hau Giang has advantage of growing paddy rice and fruit gardens as well as rearing aquaculture. The province is also famous for Phung Hiep floating market. From seven branches of Mekong River, hundreds boats join in floating market session to sell various fruits, rice, and all other things like other market. The name 'Phung Hiep snake market' is well-known to foreign visitors too. Travelers from all over the world visit the market to taste snake liquor and to see the dangerous snake dance.
Hau Giang province has many potentials for tourism development, but it is still limited, infrastructure for tourism is limited, and there is no typical tourism product. The tendency of both domestic and international tourists is to return to nature, to the gardens, rivers, forests, mountains, the pristine sea, the attractive fields, therefore Hau Giang has many projects. Developing tourism focusing on building ecotourism eco-tourism in combination with entertainment, dining and rest areas ...
Besides, Hau Giang also has diverse and rich traditional trade villages, showing the unique cultural features of the land and people. Specialties on fruit trees of Hau Giang are also favored by many people such as Cau Duc pineapple, Phu Huu grapefruit, tangerine in Long Tri .... In addition, the province also has specialties on aquatic products, delicious Vi Thanh squash fish, famous throughout the Mekong Delta. The province also has many historical and cultural relics such as Can Tho Provincial Party Committee Base, Uncle Ho Temple, 75 Victory Battalion relics, Tam Vu relics, .... Every year, whenever there is a chance to celebrate and travel customers from all over look for no less. In addition, there are festivals, especially the traditional boat racing festival that attracts many visitors.