Meo Vac Overview

Meo Vac is a rural district, locates in the Dong Van karst plateau park of Ha Giang province. It is the highland district in the North pole of Vietnam with a peaceful atmosphere and spectacular views. Meo Vac is not only a charming land, but also an ideal destination for travelers who love discovery and experiencing.

Meo Vac village (Meo Vac) lays in a small valley at the bottom of the stone mountains. The main terrain of Meo Vac is karst landscape, mostly created by limestone with Nho Que (Nho Quế) river flowing through. Most of land use here is for agriculture, which accounts for about 12,100 ha. Local inhabitants exploit and crop many medical plants, ginsengs, herbs, etc. In recent years, tourism in Meo Vac have been also focused to develop strongly by the government recently.
Going on a journey to Meo Vac, travelers not only immerse themselves in the incredibly charming space, but also get to know about unique culture of the ethnic people when visiting the Khau Vai (Khâu Vải), Vu Mong (Vũ Mông) carnival or Phong Luu (Phong Lưu) love market. More important, it would be so regrettable if coming to Meo Vac without conquering Ma Pi Leng pass (Mã Pí Lèng). Ma Pi Leng is a mountain range with a height of 2000m above sea level, located in the territory of Ba Vi commune, Meo Vac district. It is said the journey will not be accomplished because this pass is considered as the top moutain pass, also the most amazing destination of Ha Giang. Ma Pi Leng is very attractive to adventurers, especially international travelers, who come here to admire the majestic natural scenery in one of the top four mountain peaks in northern Vietnam.

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