Nghe An Overview

Nghe An province is in the center of the North Central of Vietnam. The province is border to Thanh Hoa to the north, Ha Tinh province to the south, shares its 419km long borderline with Laos to the west, and owns an 82km coastal line in the east, making it an important part in the socio-economic relationship between the North and the South, marine economy establishment and development, foreign-related economy and international cooperation enhancement.
Nghe An has endowed favorable conditions in terms of geographical location. The province has the national highways and railway, as well as the Cua Lo International Sea Port and Vinh Sea Airport. Nghe An marks the starting point of the Heritage route in the central area, and the legendary Ho Chi Minh trail. Besides that, it is also the starting point of the tourist route following the east-west corridor, connecting Vinh city - Laos - Thailand through Highway No. 8.
Two thirds of area is forested. Nature has gifted Nghe An with beautiful landscapes for tourism development. Among them include its long seabank with pristine beaches, especially Cua Lo which is considered one of the best beach in Vietnam, and Pu Mat National Park, which is home to diverse fauna and flora, apart from spectacular sceneries.
Nghe An takes pride its tradition in defence and in building nation. One hundred and thirty historical and cultural sites have been recognized as national treasures. The Kim Lien historical-cultural site, home of President Ho Chi Minh, World Cultural Celebrity and National Liberation Hero.
Nghe An people have won kudos for their intelligence, diligence, eagerness to study and their hospitality, cultural traditional mixed with national identity. Nghe An is fast changing with every passing days. Now, It is a highlighted destination for tourists near and far.