Nghia Lo - Yen Bai Overview

Nghia Lo town in Yen Bai is situated in a mountainous region with a mass of terrace fields, which makes it the second largest filed in the Northwest and also the homeland of Thai ethnic people. There are 17 ethnic groups inhabiting in the valley, of which the Thai takes the majority. The town is a popular destination for the authentic cultural explorers who desire to learn about the culture and daily life in Vietnam northwestern mountainous region.

Some highlighted activity in Nghia Lo:

+ Visiting Thai idyllic villages and engaging into Thai’s daily life (bicycle tour or on foot)
+ Visiting suspension bridges, the Ngoi Thia River, historical sites, etc.
+ Hot spring bathing
+ Staying in stilt houses
+ Cooking Thai food and enjoying local traditional performances.

Our Nghia Lo - Yen Bai trips

Trip name Days From USD
Off The Beaten Track Vietnam Tour Hanoi, Vietnam to Hanoi, Vietnam Off The Beaten Track Vietnam Tour 9 days USD 602 View Trip


Vietnam is one country with a long history of national development, formed culture and discovering the country and the peoples of Vietnam is an interesting journey for all visitors. Vietnam has been granted the gift of charming scenery on all over the S-shaped strip of land. Therefore, it is not really difficult to understand when Vietnam now become the most fascinating tourist destination in Asia.
The other is Ha Long Bay - The natural wonder of the world, the green Phu Quoc pearl island, My Khe beach - the most charming beach on the planet, the spectacular period of Phong Nha - Ke Bang, is an idyllic feature and the rustic of Hoi An ancient town, the western part of the river, or the untouched beauty of the northwestern mountainous region, is the moss of the thousand-year-old capital,...
Not only attracted by the beauty of natural sceneries, Vietnam also has a special mark with the style of life culture and unique local culinary culture. Famous with Pho, Noodle soup, Quang noodles, Nuggets, Soup cake, Hoi An bread, Banh xeo, Nem fried,... Close your eyes, contemplate it very slowly to feel all the rustic and poetic qualities of Vietnamese S-shaped strip of land. And to feel the true love of Vietnam people’s even if you only meet once!
Proud to be one of the most prestigious travel companies in Vietnam, we promise that we will bring you unforgettable exciting experiences, memorable moments and overwhelming passages through the journeys along the beautiful country of Vietnam. All waiting for you to come forward to discover it!
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