Than Uyen Overview

Northwest area of Vietnam in your mind are endless green or golden yellow terraced rice fields. The seasons that make travelers mesmerized are pouring water season creates beautiful colors, harvesting season.

Than Uyen district, in Lai Chau province is a large valley between Fansipan Mountain and Pu Luong. Than Uyen is granted an interlaced river system, Nam Mu is the most famous river here with a length of 160 km which has big steep slope. It creates harmony of nature here and being inexhaustible source of energy which facilitate the build of small hydropower at local.
Besides that, Than Uyen also owns Muong Than field - one of four famous fertile fields of Northwest region that are known. This makes Than Uyen becoming ever more beautiful when pouring water season and harvest season come.
The scenery of people on fields, buffaloes quietly follow, birds sing and loom at far distance ... are very familiar and close. The afternoon sunny fading or morning light shining makes vast field, terraced fields more beautiful.

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