Thanh Hoa Overview

Thanh Hoa is located in North-Central of Vietnam, surrounded by Hoa Binh, Son La, Ninh Binh, Nghe An Province, East Sea on the east with 102km coastline, and Laos on the west.

Thanh Hoa is rich in tourism potential, identified as the key economy industry of the province. Sam Son Town is located about 15km from the Thanh Hoa City to the east and 170km from Hanoi. This is one of the famous tourist spot of Vietnam since the early 20th century. Sam Son beach stretches nearly 6km from Lach Hoi to Truong Le Mountain. Traveling here, tourists not only are strongly impressed by a long coastline of white sand beach, plentiful scenes and historical vestiges but also are are always welcomed by friendly and hospitable people here.

Ben En National Park is located about 46km far from Thanh Hoa city, in Hai Van commune, Nhu Thanh district. It is a wide and diverse system of lakes, caves, mountains and forests, creating favorable conditions for eco-tourism development. There are many rare and precious varieties of fauna and flora as Elephant, bear, tiger, trachypithecus francoisi, ironwood, Chukrasia velutinaslice, Parashorea chinensis, and so on. Coming here, tourisrs will be attracted to its poetic and majestic scenery.

In addition to the beautiful beach, Sam Son also has many famous scenic spots. There are Trong Mai Island, Doc Cuoc Temple which means “one leg”, Co Tien Temple, sea-viewing pavilion - where tourists can admire an immense sky and sea. Legend has it that Trong Mai Island was formed from a faithful love of a young couple, Doc Cuoc temple was used for worshiping one-leg god who managed to slay a sea monster and to guard the sea in the past. Ho Dynasty citadel is situated in Vinh Loc district. This is a historical cultural relic ranked the national level and recognized as the World Cultural Heritage Site in 2011. The Citadel is not only the pride of Thanh Hoa people, but also the pride of Vietnamese people all over the country. It is the only ancient capital built of stone, associated with a short dynasty (1400 - 1407) with the remarkable innovations in examinations and expanding schools, promoting Nom scripts, issuing banknotes. Today, Ho Dynasty Citadel has been restoring to restore and preserve a 600-year-old unique architectural work and to become an attractive place for domestic and international tourists when coming to Thanh Hoa.