Tu Le Overview

Tu Le is one village of Van Chan district, in Yen Bai province, about 265 km north of Hanoi, in the North West Vietnam area. Tu Le village is home to HMong and Thai community. For the place is high about 960 meters above sea level, the steep hills make it almost impossible to grow rice fields like those in the delta.
Thus local inhabitants grow their own rice on the terraced fields, for the purpose of preventing strong water from flowing downhill. These terraced fields placed among rough green mountain valleys, under clear blue sky or a mysterious and script fog, bring to eyes an spectacular scenery.
During harvesting rice season, ready rice crops transitioned to golden yellow, while new rice crops still remain in their green color. The scenery is a really attraction to photographer and trekkers. Tu Le’s the most beautiful seasons are transplanted rice season on May to June and in harvesting season in September to October every year.

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