Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) by travelers while on tour designed Vietnam Best Holidays.
Kindly refer to these FAQs to get more detail information. If you need further questions, please contact us at any time!

How Could We Book My Interested Tour?
Vietnam Best Holidays is brand of Tiptop Tour Co., Ltd which was established in 2010 and based in Vietnam.
Our licenses:
+ Business License No: 0104374257
+ International Tour Operator License No: 01-469/2015 TCDL-GP LHQT, Issued by VNA in 2011

This Booking Guidelines are written by Vietnam Best Holidays (or Tiptop Tour Co., Ltd). When you have your booking with Vietnam Best Holidays, you should follow some basic easy steps to book a perfect tour for your holiday:
* Step 1: Surface Our Website
* Step 2: Complete The Inquiry Form
* Step 3: Quote The Tour & Discussion Stage
* Step 4: Booking Order
* Step 5: Payment Process
* Step 6: Documents Of Your Journey

For more detail, kindly refer “Booking Guidelines” here.
For payment method, kindly refer “Payment Methods” here.

What Does The Price Include?
How Can I Trust The Quality Of The Tour?
What If I Travel With Disable Travelers?
How Soon I Receive My Travel Document?
Do We Need A Confirmation Code?
What If My Flight Is Cancelled?
Do You Offer Package Tour And How Much?
What If I Have Special Need?
How Can I Change Or Cancel The Booking?
Do You Accept Cash Payment?
Do I Pay A Full Price For My Children?
How Can I Get A Credit Card Refund?
Is There Any Extra Charge From The Original Quotation?
Can I Book An Extension Or Day Trip When I Am In The Country?
What Should I Expect If I Have Book An Airport Transfer?
What Should I Do If I Have Booked An Airport Transfer But I Do Not See The Driver?
In Case Of Emergency On The Tour, Who Should I Contact?
What Are General Food & Water Precaution In Vietnam?
Can We Make Special Request On Food?
How About Non-Smoking Rooms In Hotels?
What Medication Precautions Should I Take Before The Tour?
Are There Any Good Hospitals In Vietnam And South East Asia?
How Early Should I Buy Travel Insurance?
Why Do I Need Travel Insurance?
Should I Use USD / Euro Or Vietnamese Currency?
How Should I Tip?
How To Use Local Mobile Phone Services?
Do We Get Cheaper Price If More People In Our Tour?
Do I Need To Apply For A Visa?
How Do I Get Visa On Arrival?
What Is The Limit Of Luggage For Airlines In Vietnam?
In Case Of Lost Luggage Or Accident…, Should I Make A Claim?
Can I Rent A Motorbike Or A Car By Myself?
What Is The Normal Quality Of The Vehicles Should I Expect?