A Fantastic Trip!

This time my husband and I took our very first trip overseas. We traveled to Vietnam. I was nervous would be an understatement. We’ve traveled outside the country before but always to a resort or tourist destination. This was a two week trip to Vietnam! I was terrified we wouldn’t be able to communicate with people and be lost and miserable the whole time! Booking with John of Vietnam Best Holidays was the best decision we made! John listened to what we wanted and made sure we got it all. We had an itinerary and good services for everything, from domestic tickets to hotels: the rental car, even the rides to and from each mode of transportation! It really could not have been easier or more stress-free! We always got detail information from John, even though it was a Sunday. The trip was amazing. You are missing out if you do not plan a trip with this company.

Mrs. Russell Endy Maree , Australia