Everything Was Great!

Emily of Vietnam Best Holidays was great helping to plan our first trip to Vietnam. We had been out of the country before but were overwhelmed to figure out Vietnam as the culture is so very different than ours. Because Emily is Vietnamese, she was a wealth of information. We had no idea which cities we should visit and how long to stay at each. She shared the best things to do in each city and helped us calculate how long to stay in each spot as well as the best order for itinerary. She also took into account what our children would enjoy while we were there. We knew we would be there for the best weather and she made sure we knew the best picture spots in each area that we visited. Our pictures are fantastic!! Thanks Emily, our Vietnam trip was a successful balance of all we wanted to see and do and working with Emily made what seemed like such a daunting planning task so doable. Can’t wait to return to Vietnam!

Mr. Patrick James Faithfull Scott, Australia