Vietnam Visa

Almost all travelers to Vietnam need a visa, although some qualified exemptions apply for citizens of those countries with bilateral agreements with Vietnam. Depend on the nationality and passport of the traveler, a tourist visa could be granted for either a 15 days or 30 days stay in Vietnam.

Tourist Visa

To enter Vietnam you need:

+ A passport validity for 6 months beyond your arrival date.
+ A visa for Vietnam - usually either a “Tourist Visa” but other classes are available (check detail with us if you need other).
+ Visa could be either single-entry or multiple-entry as requested at time of application.
+ Two (2) recent passport-size photos.

Visa on arrival

There are many ways to get visa to Vietnam such as get visa from embassy in your country, or e-visa, on-arrival visa. You can choose which method is easy for you.
As our experience, the easiest way to get your on arrival visa. You just need to provide us your photos of passports through email or WhatsApp, the rest things we will do it for you.

What is "on arrival visa"?

+ It is visa which you are able to get at airport of Vietnam such as Noi Bai Airport (in Hanoi), Tan Son Nhat Airport (in Ho Chi Minh city), Da Nang Airport, Cam Ranh Airport (in Nha Trang city), etc.

What is included "on arrival visa"?

It includes two important things, your need to know in separately.
+ "Approval letter": This is as a official document which Immigration department of Vietnam granted you a right to enter Vietnam. We could advise you & apply for you the "approval letter" in quick & professional way. It takes about 3-4 working days (Except Saturday and Sunday) for this applying & cost you a fee as tables below.
+ Get stamping visa at airport when you arrive at airport of Vietnam: You will show the "approval letter" in your hand (soft-copy, or printed-copy) to get stamping visa. The fee is reasonable at USD 25/person which you will be required to pay directly at the airport.

Visa exempted countries

These are applied for citizens of:
+ ASEAN countries: Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Laos, Myanmar, Brunei, Timor Leste (Not more than 30 days).
+ Japan and South Korea, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Poland, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, France (Not more than 15 days).

Special difficult countries

There are some countries which could not get visa upon arrival, you need to contact Vietnam Embassy right in your country/region, or you need to apply on arrival visa with very high cost. Kindly contact us for more detail:
+ Pakistan, Afghanistan, Srilanka, Bangladesh, Turkey, Iraq, Midle East countries, etc.
+ Africa countries such as: Nigeria, Cameroon, Sierra Leo, Congo, Mozambique, Ghana, etc.

Normal countries

These countries are not mentioned above, and need to apply visa to Vietnam, and if you would like to apply on arrival visa through us, kindly refer table below.

The following information is needed for visa on arrival:

+ Full name - exactly as stated in your passport
+ Date and Place of Birth - exactly as stated in your passport
+ Gender
+ Nationality - this must be the same as the passport to be used for those with more than one nationality
+ Passport Number
+ Passport Date of Expiry
+ Your proposed/actual Entry and Exit dates for Vietnam
All above information is mentioned in your photo of passports provided us.

For the most comprehensive guide or information to Vietnam visa please mail us or WhatsApp to us at your convenient time.

On Arrival Visa Apply for Normal Countries
Visa TypesNormal (3 working days)Urgent (8 hours)Urgent (4 hours)Urgent (2 hours)Stamping Fee
1 month Single
Single entry visa to Vietnam for 1 month
USD 15/paxUSD 25/paxUSD 35/paxUSD 55/paxUSD 25/pax
1 month Multiple
Multiple entries visa to Vietnam for 1 month
USD 25/paxUSD 30/paxUSD 40/paxUSD 70/paxUSD 50/pax
3 month Single
Single entry visa to Vietnam for 3 months
USD 30/paxUSD 40/paxUSD 50/paxUSD 80/paxUSD 25/pax
3 month Multiple
Multiple entries visa to Vietnam for 3 months
USD 35/paxUSD 45/paxUSD 60/paxUSD 90/paxUSD 50/pax

Note: Our service fees is included the Stamping fee at airport, which you should be paid directly at the airport.
+ Normal apply: For those who would like to get Vietnam visa within 3 working days.
+ Urgent apply: For those who would like to get Vietnam visa within 2, 4, 8 working hours.
+ Guarantee fee: In case who would like to arrive Vietnam on public holiday or weekend (Saturday, Sunday). But forgotten to apply visa in-advance. Please contact us if you are on this case. However, You will be charged more USD 180/person and fast track fee in this case. It is not included visa stamping fee. We can make this visa in 1 hours and we have to arrange staff at the airport who will take care all procedures for you. And noted that this visa valid for 15 days single only in this case.